Genuine Love

I had a moment this weekend when I looked up and saw all three of my boys running, laughing, and smiling from ear to ear. This moment of genuine happiness made me emotional and made my heart ache. I was overwhelmed with how much love I have for them and how much their happiness means to me. I was taken back by how much their joy brings me joy. Being a Mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I sometimes forget how lucky I am. 

As a Mom, I feel that I constantly get caught up in making sure everything is in order, everything is clean, and everyone has done whatever it is they need to do. Very rarely do I stop and enjoy the important moments. The moments of uncontrollable laughter, corny and very unfunny jokes, and endless stories that make no sense at all. I’m realizing how often I allow myself to get consumed by things that hold no value in comparison. The truth of the matter is before I know it these moments will be gone, and I will be sitting wondering how I could get everything I allowed myself to miss back. Instead of being filled with regret years from now I am willing to acknowledge that I need to step back and enjoy being a Mommy now. 

Being a Mom is one of the most fulfilling jobs I could have. From having intelligent and meaningful conversations with my eight year old, to watching my three year gleam with excitement from being able to write his name, and the moment my heart fills with happiness because my one year old claps from excitement because he accomplished the goal of showing me where his nose is. As a Mom I get to experience all these different stages of life up close and personal. I get to celebrate each accomplishment and every triumph.

To know that I am one of two people that my boys will turn to for every problem, every accomplishment , and everything in between brings a feeling to me that I will never be able to describe. I just wanted to take the time and celebrate the genuine joys of motherhood. I wanted to take the time and really appreciate all that motherhood is. Unfortunately, motherhood isn’t a club that all women get to join, and I was blessed enough to be chosen. I don’t want to waste that blessing I want to take it in for all it has to offer. 

Realizing I need to take in these moments as much as I can and lose this idea of being some form of a “Super Mom” I have made a promise to myself to just simply enjoy my boys. I want to allow myself to let some of their child like joy rub off on me. The simplest moments are the ones that hold the most value. I have shifted my priority as a mother and will focus more on the hugs, kisses, and genuine love they shower me with. I will sit back and watch them continuously grow into strong, happy, and functioning men. I’ve given myself a gift in understanding that I can still enforce rules and set boundaries while still being able to laugh uncontrollably with my boys. I’m still figuring out this whole Mommy thing and will continue to learn from my boys. 

This journey is so special I can’t wait to see what it brings. I will approach it openness, understanding, and of course with love.



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